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1300 Numbers Pty Ltd to launch telecommunication services for 13/1300/1800 number users in 2011.

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Click to Call

What is it?

Click to call technology can enhance your customer service, by allowing your customer a free and instant way for them to speak with you. It adds an easy way for customers to contact your from your website.

Click to Call helps you improve business performance.

By increasing the level of interactivity with your customer you can reduce website abandonment and builds customer loyaltyImprove web lead conversions ‚Äď sales conversion rates can be improved by offering your customers a quick and easy way to contact you if they have any questions.

Create more satisfied customers by managing your customer calls, ensuring they get to the right part of your organisation.

You can have as many lines as you need to support your business, including a link to your call centre.  Once someone clicks on your click to call icon, you can have a drop down menu that allows the customer to choose the department they wish to speak to.

Easy to install and immediately active.  No additional hardware or software is required.

Features include:

Enables customer to call you directly from your website for free
Online reporting for measuring usage
Reverse call order, allowing you to choose whether the service calls you or the visitor first
Audio announcement
Time based routing for call control
International services available
Online configuration
Options to bar mobiles and block and authorise IP addresses and phone numbers
Buttons can be designed to align with your brand

Easy to install

There are three quick steps to getting click-to-call active.

Register and receive your specialised script and click to call code

Upload the script to your website (we can assist with this) 

Place the click to call code and custom images into the relevant website pages.Alternatively, you can ask us to set the service up for you.
Alternatively, you can ask us to set the service up for you.

How does it work?
Your visitor is on your website and they want to contact you.

A click to call icon is placed on your website.

When your customer clicks on the icon a popup box appears asking your customer to enter their telephone number. They enter their phone number and click the call me button.

Next a two way call is automatically initiated, one to your call centre and sales team and the other to the number the customer has nominated.

You receive a call from the website enquiry.

You will hear ringing as your website calls your visitor.

The call connects.

After the call is completed, the call details are updated in your online reporting.

What does it cost?
Set up: $50
Assisted Setup: $200
Monthly: $15 per number

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I include this in my emails?

Yes, it is possible to include a click to call action in your emails, as long as they are in a HTML format.

2. Can I manage my calls and send them to the right area?

Yes, 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd click to call has inbuilt flexibility to allow you to define where calls are directed based on the time of day, or day of the week. You can even have it disabled outside of your operating hours.

3. How does this operate with my call centre?

Integration with you call centre is easy, when a click to call is delivered to the agent they will hear a brief ‚Äúthis is a click to call‚ÄĚ message before the caller is conneted.

4. How secure is your service?

Encrypted scripting for files and codes.
Automated black listing of both IP addresses and visitor phone numbers if used more than twice in a 24 hour period.
White listing allowing you to authorise IP addresses and phone numbers.

5. How does the software work?

The software sits on your website and talks directly to our telephone technology using an API. When your customer enters their phone number on your website a message is sent to our telephone system, via the API. You will receive a call and then we will connect to your website visitor.

6. How long does it take to connect the call?

This depends on whether your Click to Call service is configured to ring the customer first and then ring your business or, ring business prior to dialling the customer's number. Whichever option you have selected, the first phone will begin to ring within 20 seconds.

7. Can you manage my hold times with my call centre? What happens if my agents are all busy?

The best way to handle this situation is to have the Click to Call configured so that it rings the customer first. That way, when the call is connected to your call centre, the customer will be directed into your call centre queue. For example: "Thanks for calling Your Company. We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, our current wait time is 5 minutes."

8. Do I need any special equipment to receive or manage the calls?

No, the click to call product works off you existing landline or mobile contact numbers, so you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment.

Once you register, we will give you a script to install in your website.  No additional software or hardware is required.  We will connect the website caller directly to your business line, mobile or VoIP phone.

9. How will I receive my reports?

Your reports will be available through your 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd customer portal.

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