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The GD network is currently undergoing redevelopment as of September 2010.

Details about the advertising options available to GD Net users, will be made available shortly.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd to launch telecommunication services for 13/1300/1800 number users in 2011.

Details coming soon..

Want to save money on calls from a mobile? Call a domain name instead!!

Details coming soon...

Call recording

Call recording gives you insight into an area of your business you wouldn’t normally have access to.

With call recording activated, you can record all incoming calls, or nominate a percentage of your calls to be recorded. Because the calls are hosted remotely by Zintel, there is no need for expensive hardware or software and your recorded calls can be accessed via Zintel’s secure online portal.

Call recording will give you peace of mind, knowing that the facts of calls to your toll free number are on file and can be retrieved anytime.

Benefits to your business

More efficient sales process - Your sales team can spend more time selling on the phone and less time on completing paperwork.

Greater customer satisfaction and customer service - the recorded calls to monitor, assess and educate staff will enhance customer service levels.

Data for sales and marketing - Sales and marketing teams can listen to the calls to find out the sales strategies or marketing activities that were effective, and where improvements can be made. 

Quality assurance - Conversations with customers can be listened to in order to prevent any misunderstandings or even to check the details of an order.

Reduced risk - Checking conversation facts can resolve disagreements swiftly, preventing costly legal action against your company.

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