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The GD network is currently undergoing redevelopment as of September 2010.

Details about the advertising options available to GD Net users, will be made available shortly.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd to launch telecommunication services for 13/1300/1800 number users in 2011.

Details coming soon..

Want to save money on calls from a mobile? Call a domain name instead!!

Details coming soon...

Broadband Internet

Fast, reliable internet access that lets you work efficiently

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd's high-speed broadband internet packages use the latest in ADSL2/2+ technology to help you boost your office and staff productivity.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd gives you a variety of ways to customise your internet solution to get just what you need, depending on the size of your business, the number of staff you have, and the amount of data download allowance you need.

To give you an indication of how much data allowance your business will need, below is a guide on the average data size for some common internet activities:

Email in HTML format with no attachment = 50KB or 0.05MB
Email with attachment = 500KB or 0.5MB
Opening a web page = 100KB or 0.10MB
Watching a 2-minute YouTube video= 4,000KB or 4MB

Features to improve productivity and profitability
We have plans for every budget, and you can easily manage your account online via our own secure customer portal. We offer plans with unlimited downloads so you don’t have to worry about those excessive charges and bill shock.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd offers a range of features essential to any business that relies on internet connectivity, including:

24x7 technical support
Static IP address
10 email addresses

Plus, unlimited plans are now available that will save you even more.

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