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The GD network is currently undergoing redevelopment as of September 2010.

Details about the advertising options available to GD Net users, will be made available shortly.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd to launch telecommunication services for 13/1300/1800 number users in 2011.

Details coming soon..

Want to save money on calls from a mobile? Call a domain name instead!!

Details coming soon...

Business Lines

Basic calling features to get you up and running

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd’s business line packages cater to your basic telephone service requirement whether PSTN/Analogue or ISDN/Digital. This service provides you with all the calling features you need to do business and is ideal for businesses that need simple, reliable, and high-quality service for day-to-day office communications applications.

The service combines inbound and outbound calls with subscriber options, including:

Call waiting
Call forwarding
Caller ID

If you have your own phone system or PABX, don’t worry, we can help you with the right call plan. Plus, unlimited plans are now available that will save you even more.

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