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The GD network is currently undergoing redevelopment as of September 2010.

Details about the advertising options available to GD Net users, will be made available shortly.

1300 Numbers Pty Ltd to launch telecommunication services for 13/1300/1800 number users in 2011.

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Want to save money on calls from a mobile? Call a domain name instead!!

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Smart Numbers

Increase your company's brand awareness

Smart Numbers, or Phone Words, are words that are added onto your 1300 number or 1800 number. They are a great way to increase the recall of your business' phone number because for most people, words are much easier to remember than a random sequence of numbers.

A Smart Number is the alphanumeric translation of a phone number. For example, when you dial the Smart Number 1800 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd you are actually dialling 1800 946 835.

Benefits of a Smart Number

Easy to remember
Increase campaign response rates
Company name easier to share via word of mouth
Brand reinforcement

How do I get a Smart Number?

There are 3 options available when setting up a Smart Number:

Lease: Smart Numbers can be leased on a national, state-by-state, or even per postcode basis. Monthly licence fees and leasing terms vary. 

Buy: You can purchase your own from the Smart Number auctions site: www.smartnumbers.com.au. This is a web-based auction, with a minimum purchase amount allocated by the government. The number is allocated to the highest bidder.

Let 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd do all the hard work for you: 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd can arrange the bidding on your behalf for FREE. You just need to connect the number with 1300 Numbers Pty Ltd. Simply tell us which Smart Number you wish to bid on and how much you are willing to spend, and we will do the rest for you. 

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