Toll free numbers

Give your customers an affordable, flexible and effective way to reach you

A toll free number offers your company a large and professional presence, giving your customers confidence in your business and enticing sales calls. Unlike a mobile phone number or fixed line number, callers know that someone will be on the other end of the line when they dial a toll free number.

With a toll free number in place, your callers pay nothing, or the cost of a local call, and you own the number. You also gain access to customised solutions to handle your incoming phone traffic (such as routing and message services).

Benefits for your business

Encourage sales calls, increasing sales and revenue
Never miss a sales call
Your business appears large and credible
Increase hours and days of operation
Customers pay local call cost, or nothing at all
You pay nothing at all, or standard call cost
No contracts or hidden fees
Monitor and measure calls

Toll free number types

 Toll free number

Benefit of number type

Cost to caller (from landline)

Cost to business owner*

1800 numbers

Free for caller

Free call

Standard rate

1300 numbers

Local call rate for caller anywhere in Australia

Local call

First 15 mins free, then standard rate

13 numbers

Short and “premium” numbers; easy recall

Free call or local call

First 15 mins free, then standard rate

Smart numbers (E.g. 1300 NUMBERS)

Associate words of your business with number; easy recall

Charged as above, depending on toll free number type

Charged as above, depending on toll free number type


Global number that can be called anywhere in the world

Free call or local call

Charged depending on which country call originates from

 * Costs based on toll-free numbers answering on a landline. Note: Mobile call rates charged depending on provider.


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